Wonder what’s next

At long last, my book is “finished.”

I use quotes because I know it’s not really finished. But, I’m done with the first major round of editing and I’ve sent it off to a couple of beta readers. Of course, I’ve already thought of a somewhat significant revision I’m considering making. I wonder when writers truly know they are really finished. When it shows up in print, perhaps? 🙂

Now I get to figure out how to find an agent, which sounds like a rather daunting process. Maybe it won’t be, once I get into it, at least the basics. So far, though, I’ve skimmed a bunch of websites, all of which seem to have a different set of advice. In some ways, that’s okay; it means I’ll just have to do my own thing and see what happens. A friend is also wading into this novel-writing thing and he already has conversations going with three different agents. That gives me a bit of hope!

Anyway, the real key, I think, will be to stay motivated for this part. Writing, and even editing, come naturally to me. Chasing agents, not so much. But I guess I only need to get it right once, so here’s hoping!