And it’s done, again!

Apparently, I edit in bursts. Over the past several weeks, I finished a revision of the book, my second one. But unlike the writing process, or even the first edit, I did this one in the matter of days. As in, a day here, a day there, often with more than a week mixed in.

I did four chapters of it about two weeks ago. Five days later, I did four more. Then, it was another eight days before I got back to it; I finished the last eight chapters over the past two days.

This isn’t necessarily a good way to do this. For one thing, after eight days the changes I made to lines of dialogue and minor plot points aren’t as fresh in my mind; I sincerely hope I didn’t miss something. But at this point, I think I’m ready for a fresh look, preferably by a professional editor. So, yes, I’m to that point again. Which is great. And perhaps the most daunting part; finding an editor and an agent. Wish me luck!

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