I heard back from an agent!!!

Of course, it was to pass on my book. But, I got a reply within a day of my first email! Hey, it’s a small victory, but I’ll take it.

So, I finished my second, more significant revision of the book, got it all formatted, and emailed queries to two agents. I didn’t truly expect to hear from either of them, particularly so fast, but one did reply with some good feedback. Told me what she liked and why she was passing, and she’s right; there are things in the first ten pages (which is all they asked for) that probably shouldn’t be there. I hadn’t thought of it the way she said it, so I’m grateful to get that feedback. Of course, it’s still an agent checked off the list, but that’s life.

I have to say, the initial writing was so much more fun than the various revisions. And I knew that; as a journalist for 20 years, I’ve always felt better about the stories that didn’t need major revisions. When I have to back up and rewrite a second draft, I get uncomfortable; can’t tell you why. But if I don’t hear from this second agent (one that said if I don’t hear from him in two weeks, I won’t), I’ll consider making a few more changes. Fun, fun!

2 thoughts on “I heard back from an agent!!!

  1. Fantastic!
    For the record, revisions make me uncomfortable, too. I can blast through page after page of initial material, and I’ll even go back and make minor edits quickly and happily. The revisions, though…for some reason that’s when I realize I have SO MUCH other stuff to do.
    Good luck to you, Jim!


  2. Yes, I remember now thinking I was “done” back in October, and all I’d have to do was read through and clean up a few things. Two months to write it, five to edit/revise, and maybe more to come! It’s a learning process, for sure!


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