Still plugging away

Well, hello there! I realize I haven’t been keeping this up lately, and that’s largely because I haven’t been keeping ANYTHING up lately; work has been particularly busy these last couple of months. So, here’s the quick update.
I’m still looking for an agent for my book. There for a while I was busily seeking agents, with 10-20 active queries out there. One of them did ask for the full manuscript, and I got so excited that I sort of stopped sending new ones out. It turns out that was a mistake, because the agent ultimately passed. In the meantime, my active list dwindled down below five as other agents either passed or just didn’t respond by their self-imposed deadlines.
I do begin to see why some writers see this part of the process as rather soul-crushing. I get it; I’ve had my own self-doubts about whether what I wrote is good enough. To be honest, it’s probably the first time since a particularly rough English class in high school that I’ve written something and not gotten pretty good reviews. Oh, there have been articles I’ve done in the past that people didn’t like who let me know about it, but rarely did anyone suggest it wasn’t well-written; they just didn’t like the content for one reason or another.
Anyway, I’ve started sending queries again, when I have time – which is to say, I’ve sent two in the past week and identified a few more agents to contact. Also, thanks to a friend in NYC, I have a couple of other folks to contact who might be able to offer some additional insight, so we’ll see what happens there.
So there’s my update.
Sincerely, A Frustrated Writer

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