Time to get going again

So, my plan when I created this blog was to keep it updated pretty regularly as I got going through the writing process. And then, I got stalled. I got close on a couple of queries, but ultimately got turned down, and came to the conclusion that I need to make some more revisions. And then I wasn’t quite sure where to start, and then I got laid off, and real life became suddenly more important. I have since spent months looking for work, then found a new job, and a new career, and have spent several months getting settled into that. Add in raising a toddler, and, well… the excuses came easily, I guess. But, I’m getting the itch more and more lately. My dilemma now is which of three choices to make.
First is to make minimal revisions and start querying again. That’s the easy way, in some ways, though I haven’t even read what I wrote for nearly a year now, so maybe not.
Door number two involves going back and doing a rewrite. And frankly that might be the best option, because I’ve thought of some improvements I can make. (Though I haven’t necessarily written those ideas down, so that’s a problem.)
And the third option is to scrap it and start something entirely new. I’m not sure how I feel about that, to be honest. I mean, a new project would be fun, of course, but I think I would feel like the last one either wasn’t finished, or just wasn’t very good. And maybe it wasn’t very good; it was a first effort, after all, so that’s not really something to be ashamed of. And yet, I think it would still bother me.
It’s probably going to come back to that rewrite. Now, to remember what those improvements I had in mind were. It’s annoying, because one of them really felt like a eureka moment, too… well, I guess if it was that good, it’ll come back to me. I hope!

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