Well, this is embarrassing.

So, it appears, ahem, I haven’t posted a new update on this page in more than a year. Well, I’ve been busy! Well, sort of. In a way. After a fashion.

I haven’t, sadly, been busy writing. I was working on it, and it was very tedious – much more so than the first draft I wrote. And around Memorial Day, I just got stuck, and … well, I ALLOWED myself to get stuck. And I didn’t get un-stuck until Labor Day. Since then I’ve written a chapter and a half, which is no great shakes, but it’s something. I’m finally moving again.

Since I last posted, I also got more active with the Columbus Sisters in Crime chapter. It was Sisters in Crime, Columbus, Ohio (yes, that’s SiCCO for short), but we’ve since rebranded into Buckeye Crime Writers. That website is my handiwork; I took the time to learn how to use WordPress properly functionally, and got that going. I’ve even taken over the Facebook and Twitter feeds. It still has some bugs to be worked out, but I’m getting there.

Anyway, that’s where things are for now. Thought I would, er, attempt to catch things up!

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